Who We Are

St. Christopher’s is a reverently prayerful and playful community inviting all to embrace God’s expansive love.

We are joy-filled people who embrace God’s expansive love. We seek authentic connections, a profound relationship with God, and the opportunity to make meaningful impact in the world around us.

We gather to grow in faith and service. We are a multi-generational church with more than 250 households and whatever your age we offer ways to learn, connect, and make a difference. In our worship services we balance the reverence and formality of the Episcopal tradition with the uplifting spirit of a lighthearted congregation.

We value our diversity. Our community embodies a life-giving experience of the kingdom of God: long-time Episcopalians and newcomers from a variety of Christian denominations; those who are single, partnered, or with families; and people of diverse gender and sexual identities, economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

We invite you to experience the expansive love of God and the vibrant embrace of our community